Trilogy of sustainable interior work

03.05.2018Lindner NewsPress ReleasesPartitionsGreen Building

With glass partitions including suitable doors and frames, Lindner offers an additional, recyclable system product for sustainable, environmentally friendly interior work. In April 2018, the Lindner Life glass partition system was successfully certified in silver according to the Cradle to Cradle certifiedTM product standard. The classification of all previously tested products in the category “silver” is an indicator of particularly high demands and product quality. Furthermore, Lindner is the world 's first system manufacturer for interior work, offering Cradle to Cradle® certified products for the fields of floor - ceiling - partition from a single source.

The following systems have been tested and certified including an aluminum tubular frame door leaf with different leaf thicknesses and corresponding frames:

Lindner Life 125, glass partition with flush glazing
Lindner Life 126, glass partition with front-mounted glazing
Lindner Life 620, fully glazed partitions with single glazing
Lindner Life 622, fully glazed partitions with double glazing

The appropriate sound insulation doors ATB 42 and ATB 68 with sound insulation values up to 42 dB Rw consist of a door leaf of circumferential aluminum tubular frame, mitred and with a glass filling of safety glass available in single leaf or double leaf performance.

The non-bearing partition walls are easily to disassemble and the glazing elements can be moved and replaced individually. The entire system can be dismantled at any time and according with the Cradle to Cradle® principle, a sorted separation or material reutilization of the individual components is possible.

The Lindner Life Systems also convince with outstanding results on the subject of “material health”. First, the experts of EPEA International Environmental Research GmbH identified and tested the materials and ingredients. In close cooperation with the internal specialist department Green Building at Lindner, the products were partially optimized in order to meet all required criteria in the best possible way. As a result, two of the five assessment criterion “Water Stewardship” as well as “Material Reutilization” even achieved the classification in “Gold”. All adjustments to the systems have been integrated successfully into the standard product line Lindner Life and are thus a further important proof of the sustainability and eco-effectiveness of the Lindner Life product family.

Since the beginning of the 2010s, the Lindner Group has been working intensively on green building and sustainability in the construction industry. In cooperation with partners from science and economy, we are constantly looking for new ways and technologies that enable a more efficient use of our resources. The impact of building materials on the health of producers, employees and users is also becoming increasingly important. This is also reflected in the increasing importance and demand of environmental certifications such as the Cradle to Cradle® design concept.