When performance counts - luminaires for sports halls

05.12.2018Press ReleasesLuminairesLindner News

When schools, sports clubs, and communities plan new sports halls or refurbishments, they need to consider a wide range of potential uses. In addition to various sports, this also includes the use for events. All this places high demands on the quality and flexibility of the interior fit-out. With certified sports hall luminaires Lindner offers optimal lighting solutions for this application.

Various uses of a sports hall require individual light output, for example, an illumination of 500 lux is stipulated for regular competitions, for ball sports it is based on approx. 200-300 lux and in case of use for evening events such as music evenings, a bit darker light required for the right atmosphere. On the other hand, the lights must be designed for the high mechanical demands that arise during sports. This is achieved by a ball-impact-resistant construction according to DIN 18032 and EN 13964 class 1A.

The specialists of Lindner AG | Luminaires have created two lighting systems especially for this field of application. The SYS and SHL luminaires are both tested according to the relevant safety standards and at the same time offer very high flexibility for the requirements of individual construction projects. Both a dimmable version (DALI) as well as an on-site combination with smart control technology is possible, so that, for example, in multi-section halls, the individual sections can be controlled independently. In addition, the integration of presence detectors and daylight sensors can realize attractive savings in energy consumption. At the same time, the lighting intensity can be adapted to the respective sport. Lindner luminaires can be installed either alone or integrated seamlessly into Lindner ceiling systems. The added value of Lindner as a system supplier here is that the customer receives seamlessly integrated services in form and color from a single source.

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