Wood – a Natural Talent among Building Materials?

25.08.2021Lindner NewsCeilingsPartitionsDoorsFloors

Timber construction is considered the new megatrend in architecture: The versatile material combines economy with sustainability and also impresses with its appealing appearance. Lindner also uses wood as a building material – for example with the ECO N façade or the Lindner Life Nature fully glazed partition, as well as with the COMPwood or FIREwood wall and ceiling claddings and the Logic timber partition, the wooden doors and the WOODline surface covering parquets made of real wood for the Lindner flooring systems.

Timber Construction in Transition

Building with wood is not a novelty – rather the opposite: Wooden architecture looks back on a long tradition, especially in rural areas it dominated the construction of houses. In urban and modern architecture, however, the building material was rarely encountered – it was considered unstable and not very durable and therefore gave way to solid materials such as concrete, steel or glass. In addition, the risk of a fire was long considered too high. Thanks to new technologies, these prejudices have long been outdated and the material convinces with good fire and heat protection as well as sound insulation properties and high load-bearing capacity. Therefore, architects call wood the "material of the modern age".

Key Component in Climate Protection

The building industry is responsible for a significant proportion of emissions. Wood as a building material counteracts the negative climate footprint in the building sector by binding CO2. The best example is the timber skyscraper HoHo Vienna in Austria: The hybrid construction with 75 % wood throughout the building saves around 2,800 tonnes of CO2 equivalents compared to a classic design in reinforced concrete. Lindner was also involved in the project and installed a number of sustainable products from its own production, including wall and ceiling claddings as well as a special variant of the hollow floor system FLOOR and more® with Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver status, which has been specially adapted for use on wood-concrete composite floors.

Lindner System Products with Wood

Wood is used for many Lindner products – a brand new addition to the product portfolio is the ECO N hybrid façade: Here, a wooden module was added to the existing basic aluminium construction. The façade thus consists entirely of pure materials and impresses with its high recyclability at the end of the usage phase as well as an increased thermal insulation value.

Some Lindner wall systems contain wood, too: The Lindner Life Nature fully glazed partition impresses with sustainable wood profiles made of oak or bamboo. Thanks to the restrained design, the glass partition fits into almost any environment and at the same time creates transparency and a cosy atmosphere. The wooden partition Lindner Logic 100 Timber, on the other hand, convinces with maximum wood content and thus ensures discretion and pleasant acoustics.

The Lindner product range is complemented by COMPwood and FIREwood wall and ceiling claddings and WOODline flooring. The Lindner system floors contribute to acoustic optimisation in timber construction through a special structure. Wooden doors in various designs and specifications are also available from Lindner's own production. Lindner thus enables the design of all interior areas from just one material: wood.

Wood is a necessary part of the change in the building sector and offers many advantages – nevertheless, other materials and hybrid solutions will continue to be desired. Lindner therefore takes the sustainability concept into account for all raw materials used.