World Green Building Week in Arnstorf, Bavaria

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The World Green Building Week, launched by the World Green Building Council, is going to be held from 23 to 29 September. Companies from 100 countries participate in the campaign. The Lindner Group also organizes several events as part of the Green Building Week.

The World Green Building Week has existed since 2009 and is celebrated every year since then. This year's motto #BuildingLife is to raise awareness of green buildings as one of the most effective ways of achieving a range of global sustainability and climate goals: buildings and construction account for 39 % of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. 28 % of it come from the operating phase of already completed buildings, 11 % already from the construction phase and the production of materials. Until now, the focus of the construction industry has been on operational emissions and the use of buildings.

Lindner's products are based on sustainability right from the start: The floor systems FLOOR and more® and NORTEC as well as the metal ceiling systems LMD and the Lindner Life glass partitions with integrated doors are certified according to the Cradle to Cradle® product standard and classified in silver. In addition, certified environmental product declarations are available for most of the Lindner system products, as is a team for consulting and implementation of all common building certifications. A special product leasing system and withdrawal option for Lindner floor panels ensure that the materials used are returned to the production cycle after the end of the usage phase. Sustainability is also respected within the company: the recycling of waste paper, the reprocessing of waste water and gypsum fibre waste, as well as a photovoltaic system and its own regional hydropower plant are just some of the measures that the company is already implementing – more are planned.

During the World Green Building Week, Lindner also organizes internal campaigns to raise awareness of the topic: At the headquarters in Arnstorf, Bavaria, there are billboards and participation boards that show where Lindner acts sustainably and which encourage people to think about their own consumption behaviour. In addition, there are boxes of freshly harvested, natural apples from the garden of the multigenerational house PARKWOHNSTIFT in Tettenweis ready for the employees and also the staff canteen offers special regional cuisine.