Fit for any weather - Standard Lindner Metal Ceilings for exterior areas

Ceilings in exterior areas are exposed to high wind and suction loads as well as to a corrosive atmosphere. Thus, very resistant solutions are required that meet these requirements. In contrast to metal ceilings in interior areas, weather conditions and project-related characteristics have to be considered in the planning phase.

Corrosion protection. Meteo coating.
The standard exterior ceilings which are applicable in roofed exterior areas are suitable for wind pressure and wind suction loads up to 100 kg/m² – depending on the length to width ratio. These loads have to be specified by the building planner. The substructure is adapted and implemented according to static requirements. The high-grade Meteo corrosion protection coating is ideally suitable for corrosive environments like exterior areas.

Ceiling. Exterior area. Security. Individuality.
The hook-on ceiling LMD-E 213 WL with accentuated joint was especially designed for the use in exterior areas and is the ideal solution for demanding requirements. Moreover, standard element sizes up to 2000 x 600 mm or up to 1000 x 1000 mm leave enough room for individual designs. Lindner metal ceilings for exterior areas are easy to install and offer certified safety for different applications of all sizes. It goes without saying that the ceiling elements can easily be dismantled to guarantee access to installations in the ceiling void. Besides our standard exterior ceilings, project-specific solutions and execution possibilities of Lindner metal ceilings for exterior areas can be realised.


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