Solar Air Conditioning

Chilling with the sun!

All-year-round heating and cooling with the power of the sun - by using thermal heating and cooling pumps, the sun’s warmth can not only be used for hot water and heating, but also for producing cold water for air-conditioning and cooling during the summer.   

The operating results achieved during the pilot project developed by Lindner speak for themselves: this system is economical, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient and represents one of the most economical technologies for building services. High energy and cost savings can be made using the specially developed thermal cooling and heating pump.

High system flexibility and a comprehensive energy management system guarantee further energy savings, whatever the weather.

This type of solar-powered service can be installed in commercial buildings, in the hotel industry, in residential buildings, public institutions and in industry.

We'll be happy to help you with

  • Feasibility studies and concept planning
  • Planning and dimensioning
  • Project and site management
  • Maintenance and support work

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