320 South Canal Street Chicago


Project: 320 South Canal Street Chicago
Building Type: Office buildings
Address: 320 South Canal Street
Zip/City: 60606 Chicago
Country: United States
Company Division: Lindner Facades Inc.
Completion: from 2020 to 2021


Project: 320 South Canal Street Chicago

The new 51 story tower adjacent to the Historic Union house station was developed by Riverside Investment & Development and Convexity Properties. The Chicago based architect Goettsch Partners designed the Tower as Chicago’s healthiest office Tower with 1.5 million square foot of Class A office space. The outstanding design is certified LEED gold, Well Platinum and WiredScore Platinum. 
The entrance Lobby, where people engage and interact with the building, welcomes tenants and visitors with an extraordinary transparent appearance. The 12.5m high and 3m wide low iron face glasses are carrying an anti-reflective coating on both sides to provide a nearly invisible enclosure. The very filigree connections between the massive face glass panels and the supporting glass fins compliment the dematerialized impression of the envelope. The same design principles were also followed for the glass only entrance vestibules and revolvers. To underline the safety of the nearly all glass structure, the design was engineered and tested including post breakage behaviour. 

Companies involved

Architecture: Goettsch Partners, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, United States


Steel and Glass
Glass Structures 825 sqm