ARD.ZDF Media Academy


Project: ARD.ZDF Media Academy
Building Type: Schools/Educational establishments
Address: Wallensteinstraße 121
Zip/City: 90431 Nuremberg
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Ceilings
Completion: 2016


Project: ARD.ZDF Media Academy

The Media Academy in Nuremberg is a central institution of public German broadcasting services for further education and seminars. Its shareholders are the ARD, the ZDF and Deutschlandradio.

To ensure that this building is again state-of-the-art in terms of fire protection technology, extensive upgrades and measurements have taken place. As a part of this endeavour, the newly developed Lindner fire protection ceiling LMD F30 TIPmotion® was used on an area of four floors, a total of 450 sqm. The decisive factors in favour of this system were its unique features: it can be opened and moved without tools, only by tapping. Thus, large openings, as need during revision works for example, can be created quickly and easily.

The ceilings also saw numerous individual adjustments in the course of the project. For one thing, a solution needed to be constructed that ensured flawless function of the ceiling in inclined hallways. Furthermore, LMD F30 TIPmotion® offers other qualities aside from functional fire protection. Fitted with perforations, the ceiling panels improve the acoustics in the building. Integrated lighting systems from the Lindner product range make for illumination.

Companies involved

Client: ARD.ZDF Medienakademie, Nuremberg, Germany


F30 Fire-proof suspended ceilings
F30-A/AB - TIPmotion® / Swing-Down without tools 450 sqm
Recessed lights
Integrated lights 65 Pcs.