Audi Freight Centre Hall B


Project: Audi Freight Centre Hall B
Building Type: Concert hall/Theatre/Lecture theatre/Function rooms
Address: Ettinger Straße
Zip/City: 85057 Ingolstadt
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner Isoliertechnik & Industrieservice GmbH, Lindner SE | Floors
Completion: 2017


Project: Audi Freight Centre Hall B

In order to create appropriate space for AUDI AG´s works meetings in Ingolstadt, the roof of Hall B of the freight centre was redeveloped: Above the production and logistics area, a 7,000 sqm event location was established. It is set up for the congregation of 2,000 people, ranging up to 5,000 with a special permit. A mobile partition in the middle of the hall allows the formation of two individual rooms. This and other factors render the venue appropriate for various kinds of events.

Apart from its sheer size, the hall also impresses with functional details. An area of 6,500 sqm was cladded with the highly loadable hollow floor FLOOR and more® power, which was set out to be done in merely 6 weeks. This system allows the placement of technical installations in the floor void while providing sufficient load-carryig capacity to support large crowds of people and heavy show vehicles. Considering the floor covering, a parquet with industrial design was chosen. In order to facilitate maintenance works, NORTEC raised floors have been installed at some locations. In wet areas, the specialised hollow floor FLOOR and more® hydro was installed, the venue´s auxiliary areas were fitted with FLOOR and more® hydro power. Furthermore, Lindner Isoliertechnik & Industrieservice GmbH was contracted with the insulation of the hall´s building services.

Companies involved

Client: GVZ Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, Ingolstadt, Germany
Architecture: pbb Planung + Projektsteuerung GmbH, Ingolstadt, Germany


Hollow floor systems
FLOOR and more® power 6,500 sqm
FLOOR and more® hydro 300 sqm
FLOOR and more® hydro power 200 sqm
Raised floor systems
NORTEC 200 sqm
Building services insulation