Project: BLOX
Building Type: Multipurpose building, Office buildings, Residential buildings, Exhibition, Hotels/Gastronomy, Museum
Address: Bryghusgade
Zip/City: 1473 Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Company Division: Lindner SE | International Projects Contracting
Completion: 2018


Project: BLOX

The BLOX building is a mixed-use building in the port of Copenhagen. Covering an area of 28,000 m², it houses the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) and numerous other office and exhibition areas, gastronomy and retail as well as private apartments and an automated underground car park. The architects of OMA from Rotterdam have planned BLOX as a largely public building, which plays an important role in the traffic between the government district and the harbor district for both pedestrians and motorists. In addition to these social and economic aspects, much attention has been paid to the environmental responsibility of the building. Utilizing sustainable on-site energy sources and advanced building technologies, they met stringent Danish building codes while maximizing user comfort and flexibility.

Lindner has made major contribution to the interior fit-out of BLOX. In the diverse use concept, large quantities of ceilings, floors, partitions and doors were installed, most of which came from Lindner's production. In addition, Lindner carried out drywall work as well as acoustic and thermal insulations. With regard to the system floors, both raised and hollow floors were installed. The NORTEC raised floors were partly executed with factory-applied parquet flooring (oak) or on-site laid carpeting. FLOOR and more® hydro hollow floors were installed in the private apartments of the BLOX. For efficient and comfortable temperature control, Lindner installed Plafotherm® KN heating and cooling ceilings in many parts of the building. This system uses both radiation and convection to distribute the heat or cold in the room and is also consistent with the building's sustainable overall concept. The expanded metal panels of these ceilings are harmoniously matched to the perforation patterns of the metal wall coverings, which were also installed by Lindner. Glass partition walls of the type Lindner Life 622 with integrated doors ensure spatial separation with maximum transparency.

Companies involved

Architecture: Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam,
Client: Realdania By & Byg, Copenhagen, Denmark
General Contractor: Züblin A/S, Trige, Denmark


Hollow floor systems
FLOOR and more® hydro 150 sqm
FLOOR and more® arena 250 sqm
FLOOR and more® power 1,800 sqm
Raised floor systems
LIGNA 225 sqm
NORTEC 6,950 sqm
Plasterboard partition systems
Plasterboard wall lining systems 13,000 sqm
Heated and chilled metal ceilings
Plafotherm® KN - convection ceilings 5,000 sqm
Chilled Beams 200 Pcs.
F0 Metal ceiling
Metal ceilings 3,500 sqm
LMD-St - Expanded Metal ceilings 8,000 sqm
Door and gate systems
Wooden Doors 95 Pcs.
Steel plate doors 287 Pcs.
Sliding doors 1 Pcs.
Glass doors 67 Pcs.
Floor covering works
Parquet 4,400 sqm
Structural Fire Protection
Ceiling Insulation 8,000 sqm
Glass partitions
Lindner Life glass partitions 500 sqm
Wall claddings
Metal wall cladding - Lindner Free 2,200 sqm
Timber wall cladding - Lindner Free 300 sqm
Wall claddings 3,000 sqm