GERBER - Facade works


Project: GERBER - Facade works
Building Type: Multipurpose building, Residential buildings, Shopping centre, Office buildings
Address: Sophienstraße 21
Zip/City: 70178 Stuttgart
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner Fassaden GmbH
Completion: 2014


Project: GERBER - Facade works

The Gerber Quarter in Stuttgart once was a well-known leather tanning centre. These days are past, and with the erection of the GERBER shopping centre, shopping has filled the blank. The GERBER´s 25,000 sqm of retail space are divided in 86 boutiques, diverse restaurants and grocery stores. Additionally, 16,000 sqm of high-quality office and residential spaces have been added to the GERBER complex.


The shopping centre is accessible through three entrances: the norht and south portal and the historic corner house on Tübinger Straße. This venerable building from 1900 also influenced the design of all newly built facade constructions. In order to maintain its striking appearance, an extensive redevelopment endeavour was put into motion. The other parts of the GERBER complex were enveloped in a natrual stone facade, implemented as a post and mullion construction and featuring Portuguese shell limestone. Another special feature of the GERBER are its five town houses, built on top of the complex and grouped around a roof courtyard. Lindner Fassaden GmbH was contracted with the construction of the complete building hall of the GERBER complex, also including the town houses' facades and the corner house redevelopment. Furthermore, Lindner was contracted with the complete intrior fit-out of the building.

Companies involved

Client: Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG, Stuttgart, Germany
Architecture: KBK Architekten GmbH Belz Lutz Guggenberger, Stuttgart, Germany


Rooftop outdoor grounds and vegetation 8,000 sqm
Titanium zinc roofs and flat roofs 2,700 sqm
Curtain wall
Stick system 9,600 sqm
Window units 5,700 sqm
Composite thermal insulation system 1,600 sqm
Rainscreen cladding
Ventilated plaster base facade 3,000 sqm
Steel construction and locksmith works
Banisters 1,200 sqm
Sun protection
Metal plate covering and attics
Certification system