La Grande Arche


Project: La Grande Arche
Building Type: Office buildings
Address: 1 Parvis de la Défense
Zip/City: 92044 Puteaux
Country: France
Company Division: Lindner France SASU
Completion: from 2015 to 2017


Project: La Grande Arche

The "Axe Historique", which spans from the Musée du Louvre over the Arc de Triomphe to the business quarter La Defense, ends in the east with the historically important building la Grande Arche. This 110 metres high cube war opened on 14 Juli 1989 on the occasion of the 200-year anniversary of the French Revolution. Its north and south walls are about 19 metres wide and contain office areas on about 35 storeys.

In the course of the buildings renovation, Lindner France was contracted with ceiling works. This included the installation of 17,000 sqm metal ceilings of type Plafotherm® LMD-B 100 SD, which are able to efficiently control room temperature through their integrated heating and cooling technology, while also improving the acoustics in the building. The existing structure brought low ceiling heights, which was challenging in regard to the ceiling construction. By executing the above-mentioned system in the specification type 4, the relatively narrow ceiling void of only 110 mm could be put into practice. Through further adjustments at the factory, the acousic performance of the system could be improved to meet the required noise protection ov 45 db. A further hurdle during the project manamgent was the building´s location in the city. La Defense can only be accessed through a tunnel that only allows small lorries. Furthermore, the materials needed to be delivered just-in-time, since there have been practicly no storage facilities on site.

Companies involved

Client: Eiffage Construction Grand Paris, Puteaux, France
Architecture: Valode & Pistre, Paris, France


Heated and chilled metal ceilings
Plafotherm® B - Post Cap ceilings 17,000 sqm
Plafotherm® E - Hook-On/Corridor ceilings 150 sqm