Laos Parliament House


Project: Laos Parliament House
Building Type: Government building
Zip/City: 16102 Vientiane
Country: Laos
Company Division: Lindner SE | Interior Product Supply
Completion: 2020


Project: Laos Parliament House

The Parliament in Vientiane, the capital of the Southeast Asian Republic of Laos, is considered one of the country's landmarks: With its traditional yet unusual design, the building impresses both from the outside and the inside. The main plenary hall hosts the National Assembly about twice a year and offers enough space for the members of parliament.

In cooperation with the Vietnamese partner NQC Co. Ltd, Lindner was responsible for the project delivery of the main plenary hall. A glance upwards reveals one of the highlights of the parliament: the gigantic domed ceiling. It was designed and produced by Lindner in Germany. Thus, the dome with the adjoining flat ceiling was divided into different sections and executed as a metal ceiling. In addition, there are artistic ornaments made of Lincrete and LED lights that bathe the hall in a pleasant light. Furthermore, Lindner was commissioned with the project planning and delivery of the floor system: the FLOOR and more® arena hollow floor system impresses with high load-bearing capacity and quick installation.

Companies involved

Architecture: Jointventure Archineer Associates (Laos) + VNCC (Vietnam), Hanoi,


Customised ceilings
F0 Metal ceiling
Hollow floor systems
FLOOR and more® arena 892 sqm
Recessed lights
Downlights 1,360 Pcs.