Neubau Verwaltungsgebäude Rädlinger


Project: Neubau Verwaltungsgebäude Rädlinger
Building Type: Office buildings
Address: Josef-Rädlinger-Straße 1
Zip/City: 94575 Windorf
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Floors
Completion: 2015


Project: Neubau Verwaltungsgebäude Rädlinger

The construction company Rädlinger has developed a wide range of competences in various fields of the construction business during its 50-year history. Their Construction Engineering division was recently moved to a new administration site in Lower Bavarian Windorf, offering about 2,000 sqm of usable area on three floors, supporting furth growth of the company. The largest part of the areas in the new construction are taken up by open offices. A central training room offers an environment for larger trainings as well as conferences and other events. The choice of rooms is completed by break and fitness rooms for Rädlinger´s employees.

Lindner fitted the offices and training facilities of the building with CAVOPEX hollow floors and needle felt coating. CAVOPEX proved to be an economic solution with excellent properties in regard of construction physics. Furthermore, the functionality offered by these floors through their usable floor void was another factor in favour of CAVOPEX.

Companies involved

Client: Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH, Windorf, Germany
Architecture: BERSCHNEIDER + BERSCHNEIDER Architekten, Pilsach, Germany


Hollow floor systems
CAVOPEX 1,200 sqm