Nyet Radhus Bodø


Project: Nyet Radhus Bodø
Building Type: Government building
Address: Kongens Gate 23
Zip/City: 8001 Bodø
Country: Norway
Company Division: Lindner SE | International Projects Contracting, Lindner Scandinavia AB
Completion: from 2018 to 2019


Project: Nyet Radhus Bodø

The town hall of Bodø (pronounced: Buda) in Norway was the northernmost building project the Lindner Group carried out so far – Bodø is even located north of the Arctic Circle. Despite extreme weather conditions like long midsummer nights to complete darkness and icy winds in winter, the city that counts 50,000 inhabitants is growing continuously and is also a very popular holiday destination. Furthermore, more than 30 state authorities are located here – the public administration is an important economic pillar. Thus, not only the town hall or rather its two existing buildings were refurbished and rebuilt but also a striking new building followed in 2017 -2019.  

The International Projects division of Lindner SE contributed with a number of services, among others in the exceptionally designed atrium, whose arrangement reminds of the optical illusion of M. C. Escher. Here you’ll find, for example, 10,000 m² acoustically effective wall and ceiling claddings made of ash veneer, but also various performances of glass partitions – from full-surface fixed glazing to soundproof room-in-room systems in the otherwise open office areas. Theese were extended with glass doors that lead, for example, into the projecting meeting cubes. The parquet work and high quality radiator claddings are also made by Lindner. 

Companies involved

Architecture: ALL Copenhagen, Copenhagen,
Client: Municipality of Bodø, Bodø, Norway


Wooden wall claddings 5,000 sqm
Ceiling coverings 5,000 sqm
Radiator linings 150 lm
Room-in-room systems
Wall claddings
Glass partitions 2,500 sqm
Door and gate systems
Glass Doors 120 Pcs.
Floor covering works
Parquet 500 sqm