Quai Ouest


Project: Quai Ouest
Building Type: Office buildings
Address: Zac du point du jour
Zip/City: 92000 Boulogne Billancourt
Country: France
Company Division: Lindner France SASU
Completion: 2017


Project: Quai Ouest

The Quai Ouest is an office building in western Paris. It was erected in 1993, and after a 20-year usage period, it closed for refurbishment with new modern working enviroments. This project also brought substantial improvements in regard of the building´s environmental standard. 

Lindner France SASU was contracted with the supply and installation of Heated and Chilled Post-Cap Ceilings of type Plafotherm® B 100 SD. Through their integrated heating and cooling technology, this system allows efficent temperature control even in open spaces. At the same time, the ceilings improve the rooms in regard of their acoustics, which is achieved with a perforation and a longitudinal sound insulation.

Companies involved

Client: Bouygues Batiment Ile de France, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France
Architecture: Brenac + Gonzalez, Paris, France


Heated and chilled metal ceilings
Plafotherm® B - Post Cap ceilings 14,600 sqm
F0 Metal ceiling
LMD-B - Post cap ceilings 700 sqm