Renovation and reutilisation of Tettenweis Monastery


Project: Renovation and reutilisation of Tettenweis Monastery
Building Type: Residential buildings, Sacred Buildings
Address: Hauptstraße 2
Zip/City: 94167 Tettenweis
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner GFT GmbH, Lindner SE, Lindner SE | Luminaires
Completion: from 2018 to 2021


Project: Renovation and reutilisation of Tettenweis Monastery

In 2004, during a lecture evening in the monastery of Asbach, Hans Lindner had a formative meeting with the abbess of the monastery of St. Gertrud in Tettenweis. The management of the monastery remembered the good conversation when it was time to decide on the future of the abbey. The area of 38,000 m² had become far too large for the nine remaining sisters. Together with the Hans Lindner Foundation, the idea was born to convert the various buildings, similar to the Parkwohnstift Arnstorf, in the sense of a multigenerational house and thus fill them with new life. After almost two years of construction for the first phase, the first residents moved into the new senior center. In the same wing of the building, an area was created for the sisters' community as an independent convent.

The Lindner Group was responsible for the barrier-free, age- and handicapped-friendly complete renovation: starting with the renewal of the sewage system, the static demolition and the gutting of the building, through fire protection upgrades, to the high-quality, age-appropriate development of apartments, common lounges as well as a public café, business and practice rooms. Particular attention was paid to preserving the historic ambience and the magnificent rooms in their original state as far as possible and to renovating them in line with the requirements of historic preservation. The second construction phase, which includes the construction of three new apartment buildings, the expansion of the daycare center, and the completion of the park facilities and a daycare center in the castle wing, was completed in 2021.


Companies involved

Architecture: Doris Würmseher, Ruhstorf, Germany
Client: Hans Lindner Stiftung, Arnstorf, Germany


Painter, paperhanging and varnishing works
Demolition works
Door and gate systems
Carpenter works
Building Services
Shell construction works
Civil engineering
Customised lights
Custom suspended luminaires 100 Pcs.
Surface-mounted luminaires
460 Pcs.
Recessed lights
Downlights 280 Pcs.