Sauberraum STIWA


Project: Sauberraum STIWA
Building Type: Production rooms
Address: Technologiepark 10
Zip/City: 4851 Gampern
Country: Austria
Company Division: Lindner SE | Clean Rooms
Completion: 2018


Project: Sauberraum STIWA

The STIWA Group is an experienced company in the field of product and high-performance automation. The company´s core competencies also include product and software developments for production automation, supplier production of high-quality metal and plastic assemblies, energy-efficient building technology and laboratory automation.

As part of the expansion investment at the Gampern site, where a 10,000 m² workshop was built for the new machining center division, the Lindner AG | Clean Rooms contributed to the interior fit-out of the clean room. Lindner supplied and installed numerous systems, including partitions, ceilings, recirculating air ducts and units, material and document pass-throughs, a lock control system and a double-winged machine entry door.

Companies involved

Client: STIWA Advanced Products GmbH, Gampern, Austria


Clean room ceilings
Line post cap ceilings 80 sqm
Clean room partitions
Shell construction 120 sqm
Ventilation components
Air circulation units 9 Pcs.
Air circulation ducts 150 sqm
Clean room doors
Hinged doors 3 Pcs.
Document Pass Box 1 Pcs.
4 Pcs.
Personnel Air Lock 1 Pcs.
Door Interlocking System inline 2