Schön Clinic Hamburg-Eilbek, New OR Centre


Project: Schön Clinic Hamburg-Eilbek, New OR Centre
Building Type: Hospital
Address: Dehnhaide 120
Zip/City: 22081 Hamburg
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Clean Rooms
Completion: 2018


Project: Schön Clinic Hamburg-Eilbek, New OR Centre

With over 750 beds, 55,000 patients a year and 1,800 employees, the Schön Klinik Hamburg-Eilbeck is one of the largest hospitals in Hamburg. The clinic reorganized its processes with a newly built central operating theatre building. The two-story building combines 12 operating theatres and their secondary areas, including recovery rooms, operating room changing rooms and a central sterile goods supply department (CSSD), under one roof. This created a state-of-the-art operating center with short distances, which contributed to the clinic's "World's Best Hospitals 2019" award.

The clean room technology department of Lindner SE has equipped the operating theatres with doors and partition systems as part of this construction project. Depending on the requirements, both sliding and swing doors were installed, which allow access to the halls. Lindner installed powder-coated operating wall claddings inside the theatres, in which various glazings and fixed installations are seamlessly integrated.

Companies involved

Client: Schön Klinik Hamburg SE & Co.KG, Hamburg, Germany
Architecture: Henke + Partner Architekten, Hamburg, Germany


Clean room doors
Sliding doors 12 Pcs.
Hinged doors 12 Pcs.
Clean room partitions
Operating room partitions 1,000 sqm
Glazed wall elements 24 Pcs.