Sports Hall Postbauer-Heng


Project: Sports Hall Postbauer-Heng
Building Type: Schools/Educational establishments, Sports hall, sports facilities, stadiums
Address: Centrum 3
Zip/City: 92353 Postbauer-Heng
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Fit-Out South.Southwest Germany
Completion: 2016


Project: Sports Hall Postbauer-Heng

Too low for ball sports, leaky roof, poor energy efficiency - the former sports hall of the school association Postbauer-Heng showed its almost 40-year service. The decision was made to demolish the structure and replace it with a modern new construction. Its design was set to be considerably more spacious and well-lit, which was achieved with a circumferental glass facade and a steel roof structure.

Lindner AG was comissioned with the construction of a wooden baffle ceiling system that clads the entire roof structure both in the interior as well as the exterior. The ceiling is biaxally curved and in compliance with all the requirements posed by the nature of this construction, such as ball-impact proofing and fire protection.

Companies involved

Client: School Association Postbauer-Heng, Postbauer-Heng, Germany
Architecture: asp Architekten GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany


Wooden Ceilings 2,730 sqm