Project: Wehrhahnlinie
Building Type: Stations
Zip/City: 40210 Düsseldorf
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Fit-Out North.Northwest Germany
Completion: 2016


Project: Wehrhahnlinie

In 2016, the Wehrhahnlinie with its length of 3.4 kilometres and six stations have suceeded the tracks in the City of Düsseldorf. This has increased the speed of public transport while also changing the city´s appearance. The stations themselves have been designed each by a different artist and netzwerk architects of Darmstadt.

Each of the six stations saw the fitting of Lindner Ceiling Systems with particular requirements and exclusive design. The range of systems included expanded metal ceilings and perforated hook-on ceilings. As to hook-on systems, they were executed as powder-coated steel panels and stainless steel panels. All systems needed to fulfill special requirements due to their field of application: the ceiling elements needed to withstand the corrosion protection requirement C3H acc. to ISO 12944 while also fulfilling the building material class A2-s1, d0 acc. to EN 13501-1. Due to the occuring wind and suction loads in the tunnel, the tiltable ceiling elements also needed to be resistant to these kinds of loads. In order to meet the fire protection requirements for underground stations, fire tests were conducted specifically for this project, which successfully lead to a protection verification acc. to DIN EN 1363-1. Last but not least, the ceilings also needed to meet the design concept of the artists. For example, the station Pempelforter Straße was fitted with white coated ceiling elements and black digital printing, creating the desired three-dimensional appearance. As a consequence, each ceiling element is unique and thus needed to be installed at its exact location.

Companies involved

Client: City of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany
Architecture: netzwerkarchitekten PartG, Darmstadt, Germany


F0 Metal ceiling
LMD-E - Hook-on/Corridor ceilings 10,000 sqm
LMD-St - Expanded Metal ceilings 3,100 sqm