William P. Hobby Airport


Project: William P. Hobby Airport
Building Type: Airports
Address: 7880 Airport Boulevard
Zip/City: 77061 Houston
Country: United States
Completion: 2009


Project: William P. Hobby Airport

Cassette Ceilings. Quality Taped.
Metal Cassettes are economic ceiling solutions which are perfectly adaptable to every kind of building. Lay-On, Hook-On, Swing-Down and Slide cassette versions are available for an easy to plan design. Lindner Cassette Ceilings combine tradition with innovation, suitability for daily use with high reliability and acoustic performance with aesthetics.

Companies involved

Client: Environmental Interiors, Hudson, United States
Architecture: Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc., Houston, Texas, United States


F0 Metal ceiling
LMD-K - Cassette ceilings
LMD-E - Hook-on/Corridor ceilings