Deichman library


Project: Deichman library
Building Type: Library
Address: Vestlys plass 1
Zip/City: 0150 Oslo
Country: Norway
Company Division: Lindner SE | International Projects Contracting
Completion: from 2018 to 2019


Project: Deichman library

The Deichman Library in Oslo is an impressive architectural masterpiece that stretches right along the fjord. With breathtaking views of the water and the surrounding landscape, it offers visitors to the library an inspiring reading environment.

As a producer and supplier for local Norwegian construction companies, the Lindner Group also played an important role in making the vision of the Deichman Library a reality: Therefore Lindner's expertise in construction and design was particularly helpful. Among other things, Lindner was responsible for the development of 5,000 m2 of fire-resistant foam ceilings. These not only ensure the safety of visitors, but also contribute to the aesthetic design. In addition, Lindner created unique architectural details in the building: Approximately 15,000 metres of individually designed bookshelves not only improve the acoustics with their perforated backgrounds, but also enhance the library's special atmosphere and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.


Customised ceilings
Foam ceiling 5,000 sqm
Customized bookshelves 15,000 lm