FANUC New Building


Project: FANUC New Building
Building Type: Administration Building
Address: K Bílému vrchu 3142/7 Horní Počernice
Zip/City: 19300 Praha
Country: Czech Republic
Company Division: Lindner SE | Interior Product Supply
Completion: from 2020 to 2021


Project: FANUC New Building

FANUC was founded in Japan in 1956 by Dr Seiuemon Inaba, the inventor of the first electric pulse motor with numerical control. Since then, FANUC has grown to become an international market leader in factory automation and robotics for a wide range of industries, with 266 locations in 107 countries. In autumn 2004, the FANUC Czech subsidiary was founded in Prague as a representative for Central and Eastern Europe, offering industrial robots, CNC control systems and CNC machines for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2020/2021, a new building was constructed here for administration, sales and also as a customer showroom, logistics and training centre .  

As is easily recognisable from the exterior façade, FANUC's corporate colours are yellow and grey. Yellow is therefore also used as a striking design highlight in the interior and as a guidance system in the new office areas. Walls and ceilings were also designed to be more discreet, with an increased focus on technical and functional qualities. For the ceilings in the work areas, Lindner metal suspended ceilings with open joints were chosen, which were designed as a homogeneous ceiling surface. These allow easy integration of luminaires and technical fixtures, as well as simple, tool-free revision thanks to individual fold-down ceiling elements.

Companies involved

Architecture: Trobico s.r.o., Praha, Czech Republic
Partner: Konstruktis Delta, Prague, Czech Republic


F0 Metal ceiling
LMD E 214 1,200 sqm