New building "Cité de la Sécurité Sociale"


Project: New building "Cité de la Sécurité Sociale"
Building Type: Administration Building
Address: Rue Mercier 3
Zip/City: 2144 Luxembourg
Country: Luxembourg
Company Division: Lindner Luxembourg S.a.r.l.
Completion: 2022


Project: New building "Cité de la Sécurité Sociale"

The new building "Cité de la sécurité sociale" in Luxemboug is located in the immediate neighbourhood of the central train station and bundles various departments and institutions including the Assessment and Control Authority of Long-Term Care Insurance (AEC), the Control Medical Service of Social Insurance, the National Health Insurance Fund, the Central Office of Social Security (CCSS) and the Accident Insurance (AAA). In addition, it is the central counselling centre for personal questions and appointments. In order to break up the narrow block construction in the station district, the architects from Böge Lindner K2 designed the six-storey building complex with slight recesses in the façade and planted, publicly accessible front yards. The inner courtyard was also planted with greenery to create an inviting, yet quiet and protected atmosphere for visitors.

Discretion during counselling is provided, among other things, by separate counter cabins, so-called "counsellor boxes". Access to the customer's side is only possible through automated door opening by the consultants. The Lindner Group produced and installed special sliding doors with automated door technology for this purpose. Also as a special solution, Lindner supplied all-glass corners for the edge areas as well as glass-covered metal wall shells, which were finished with screen printing. These were visually coordinated with the surfaces of the doors and walls. To match this, Lindner supplied a variety of glass wall systems and glass doors, combined with integrated switch panels, as well as metal partitions and glass partitions.

Companies involved

Architecture: Böge Lindner Architekten, Hamburg,
General Contractor interior works: S+B Inbau sàrl, Niederanven, Luxembourg
Builder: Fonds de compensation commun au régime général de pension, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Glass partitions
Lindner Life Freeze 237
Lindner Logic 200 Metal
Fire-proof doors GTB-ADS 80 FR30
Aluminium tubular frame doors - GTB 100 Type 3
Sliding doors