Hotel FIVE Zurich


Project: Hotel FIVE Zurich
Building Type: Hotels/Gastronomy
Address: Döltschiweg 234
Zip/City: 8055 Zurich
Country: Switzerland
Company Division: Lindner SE | Opfikon Branch
Completion: 2022


Project: Hotel FIVE Zurich

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Hotel Atlantis on the Uetliberg was quite legendary. Prominent guests and celebrities from all over the world stayed (and partied) at this location high above the city of Zurich. After extensive renovation, the glamorous times will be recreated in the new lifestyle hotel FIVE Zurich. In addition to luxurious suites and hotel rooms and outstanding service, the 5-star superior hotel attracts guests with a range of high-class themed restaurants and a rooftop club. Music and art are two important design elements at FIVE, which is why they hired a well-known street art artist and students from the Zurich University of the Arts.

The Swiss branch of Lindner SE created the perfect framework for this, or rather, they deliberately dispensed with frameless glass partitions and matching glass doors without frames. This allows the works of art to have an even more impressive effect. In the access area to the exclusive private restaurant, the architecture and building owner also chose a frameless glass wall design. Lindner Life Clear was installed directly in the wall reveal and without visible connecting profiles. Interior blinds or those integrated into the glass door, provide additional privacy and visual protection. In the case of the corridor end doors, the focus has been on the design of the frames, which are not traditionally made of aluminum but also have printed glass elements glued onto them. In addition, Lindner installed Lindner Life Clear as frameless, rounded staircase glazing Rw 55 dB (laboratory value). In addition to design details, the issue of sound insulation was particularly important here, as the stairwell separates the hotel area from the rooftop club. Sound insulation to the outside also had to be optimized. Since the original facade could not be "retrofitted" accordingly, Lindner developed a sound-insulating interior facade consisting of the Linder Life Freeze System, which achieves a sound insulation of Rw 55 dB (laboratory value).

Companies involved

Builder: Halter AG, Zurich, Switzerland


Glass partitions
Lindner Life Freeze 137
Life Clear
Aluminium tubular frame doors - GTB 100 Type 3
All-glass door GTB 10
Fire-proof doors GTB-ADS 80 FR30