Humboldt Forum


Project: Humboldt Forum
Building Type: Exhibition
Address: Unter den Linden 3
Zip/City: 10117 Berlin
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Fit-Out Central.East Germany, Lindner SE | Interior Fit-out and Furnishings
Completion: 2022


Project: Humboldt Forum

The Humboldt Forum in Berlin is a building that has been eagerly awaited for its opening for a longer period of time. In July 2021, the time had finally come and the gradual opening began ‒ about one year later, the last area opened to visitors. Today, Humboldt Forum contains numerous exhibitions as well as rooms for science and cultural events. The building itself is actually highlight enough ‒ the former Berlin City Palace was rebuilt on the same site, but its use was changed. In order to retain a small piece of history, the baroque palace facade was partially recreated true to the original.

As an expert in special solutions, Lindner was commissioned with the production of oversized doors: with door leaf heights of up to 3,550 mm, the special doors invite visitors to enter the rooms and perfect the high ceilings. The doors were implemented as single and double-leaf doors as well as recess doors. To meet the strict fire safety requirements in cultural buildings, the doors meet smoke and fire protection class T30. In addition, Lindner provided fire doors with a door leaf width of 68 mm for the escape routes ‒ in some cases these were fitted with hold-open systems or automatic operators. Of course, all escape route requirements according to DIN EN 179 were taken into account. The COMPlacq acoustic lightweight aluminium panel, which was used to double the doors, also ensures a harmonious appearance. This connects excellent design with optimum acoustics. Particularly high fire protection was required for the fire shafts: Here, the Lindner Fireshield I90 inspection door was used.

Companies involved

Client: Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss, Berlin, Germany


Wooden Doors
Inspection Door - Lindner Fireshield
Fire protection doors
Wall claddings