Light Guide Optics International


Project: Light Guide Optics International
Building Type: Research buildings/Laboratory
Zip/City: 5316 Livani
Country: Latvia
Company Division: Lindner SE | Clean Rooms
Completion: from 2021 to 2022


Project: Light Guide Optics International

Light Guide, a European manufacturer of optical fibres, fibre bundles, cables and laser delivery systems, recently opened a new headquarters in Latvia: In order to meet the ultra-modern demands of science, industry and medicine, modern premises are required.

Lindner manufactured, supplied and installed around 850 m2 of Multiclean COP partition walls including glazings. Combined with hinged doors and automatic sliding doors, these provide functional and modern separation within the building. In addition, 140 m2 of Clip K3 ceilings, including luminaires, complete the Livani headquarters. To meet Light Guide's exacting requirements, Lindner also installed 200 return air grilles with return air shafts and five UV disinfection material pass-throughs. These provide chemical-free disinfection, using UV radiation to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi in seconds.


Clean room doors
Hinged doors 10 Pcs.
Automatic sliding doors 9 Pcs.
Clean room ceilings
Clip K3 140 sqm
Clean room partitions
Multiclean COP 850 sqm
Clean Room Locks
Material Pass Box with UV disinfection 5 Pcs.
Ventilation components
Return air grilles with return air shafts 200 Pcs.