Project: Progress
Building Type: Office buildings
Address: Via Julius Durst 100
Zip/City: 39042 Brixen
Country: Italy
Company Division: Lindner SE | Interior Product Supply
Completion: 2021


Project: Progress

The Progress Group has a new production and office building at its headquarters in Brixen. The innovative strength of the manufacturer of plants, machines and software for precast concrete plants is also reflected in the new building: for the shape of the building as well as the arrangement of the interior spaces, the flow of movement between staff, meeting and connecting areas was analysed and studies on work quality and lighting were evaluated. The building complex is now based on these findings and thus seeks to strengthen internal company communication and motivation.

The building has a total of eight office floors, including a canteen that serves as a new communal space. Directly adjacent to the office area is another part of the building, which contains two floors for production and a third floor with a large conference room.

Together with its partner Fkontract from Bolzano, the Lindner Group supplied several flooring systems for the office worlds: These include the FLOOR and more® G40 hollow floor and the NORTEC L38 and LIGNA S38 ST raised floors. The floor systems combine sustainability with full functionality and fit perfectly into the modern office spaces.

Companies involved

Client: Progress Group, Brixen, Italy
Architecture: dear Studio, Merano, Italy
Partner: Fkontract GmbH |, Bozen, Italy


Hollow floor systems
FLOOR and more®
Raised floor systems