Sopharma AD


Project: Sopharma AD
Building Type: Production rooms
Address: Res. District Sofia Park
Zip/City: 1766 Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
Company Division: Lindner AG | Clean Rooms
Completion: from 2011 to 2013


Project: Sopharma AD

The Sopharma high technology plant for solid dosage forms is the last step in the modernisation of the production facilities. The new complex includes a plant for solid dosage forms, a laboratory and administrative complex. Lindner was responsible for the complete interior fit-out of the clean room areas with partitions, walkable and non walkable ceilings, automatic sliding doors and clean room doors.


Architect: TILEV Architects
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria


Client: Telecomplect AD
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria


Clean room ceilings
Line post cap ceilings
Clean room partitions
Shell construction
Glass partitions
Clean room doors
Sliding doors 41 Pcs.
Swing doors 19 Pcs.
Ventilation components
Air grilles