V2B5 Korso Vienna


Project: V2B5 Korso Vienna
Building Type: Office buildings, Residential buildings
Address: Vorgartenstraße 210
Zip/City: 1020 Vienna
Country: Austria
Company Division: Lindner GmbH
Completion: 2021


Project: V2B5 Korso Vienna

The V2B5 Korso building is a residential and commercial complex in Vienna's District Two, right next to the Grüner Prater and the Stadion Center. Part of the office space was developed for BauConsult group GmbH. The areas were originally planned as retail space: The current user converted the areas into modern office worlds. This required a false ceiling, which allowed the floor to be raised.

The Lindner Group was commissioned with the flooring work. Lindner produced, supplied and installed the FLOOR and more®, FLOOR and more® comfort and HYDRO comfort hollow floor systems as well as the NORTEC raised floor. All floor systems impress with a high level of walking comfort and plenty of space for installations underneath – perfect for offices of all kinds. Lindner also installed numerous floor coverings, including carpet, parquet and the covering for the stairs.


Raised floor systems
NORTEC 50 sqm
Hollow floor systems
FLOOR and more® comfort 800 sqm
FLOOR and more® hydro
Floor coverings
Carpet / carpet tile