Green Building / Circular Construction

Building the future

Our actions today determine our future – which is why climate-friendly building, sustainable living and the principle of a circular economy are more important now than ever before. Since the 90s, Lindner has promoted sustainable building through product development, production, and on-site project management. Sustainability has always played a key role in our company. In 2007, we co-founded the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and, a year later, established an internal department for Green Building.

    For a Sustainable Future

    As a product supplier and full-service provider, we convince you with our extensive portfolio of products and services and support you in every phase of your building project, from the determination of requirements to (digital) documentation – whether new buildings orrenovations:

    • forward-looking product design in line with the Cradle to Cradle principle, a wide range of system products, certified according to Cradle to Cradle Certified® product standard
    • More security and scope for design by means of Lindner Product Leasing and take-back guarantees
    • from green building management to Building Certification 
    • Environmental Product Declarations provide information on environmental impacts, emissions, recycling rates and possible reuse or recycling of products and materials
    • Detailed product information and documentation with the help of digital tools such as "digital twin", digital inventory documentation, MATERIAL PAPERS AND PRODUCT DATABASES as a basis for urban mining and closed material cycles in construction practice

    "Knowing where we stand."

    With our actions, we are taking another step towards a green, climate-neutral Germany. An important aspect here is the striving for a closed material cycle – in line with the idea of the circular economy: This also includes the reprocessing of used products into new systems, as in the case of our raised floors LOOPLOOP prime and LOOP aurum.

    • extension of the utilisation phase or reuse of used products
    • separation by type at the end of the service life
    • avoidance of waste, toxic substances and environmental pollution
    • complete recycling of all materials

    The Cradle-to-Cradle Concept

    Meeting tomorrow's requirements today thanks to Green Building Standards and Cradle to Cradle® Certified product certification: Lindner has been paying attention to the use of ecologically safe raw materials, the use of renewable energies and closed material cycles or recycling in production for years. This can be seen, for example, in our NORTEC aurum and LOOP aurum raised access floor panels and LMD aurum metal ceilings, which have been certified in C2C Certified® Gold since the beginning of 2022 as the first floor and ceiling systems worldwide. The Plafotherm® heated and chilled ceilings and Lindner Life glass partitions are classified as Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver. Besides C2C Certified®, many of our products are also LEED or BREEAM compliant.

    Put your trust in Lindner for your green building project. Get in touch with us!

    If you would like to find out more about the Lindner Group's measures on the area of sustainability in the company, in our production and in construction projects, you can find practical information and examples in our ADD.VANTAGE MODULES.


    Internationaler Experte für Green Solutions

    Mithilfe von Green Building Konzepten wurden seither in der Unternehmensgruppe mehr als 500 Projekte weltweit bearbeitet und erfolgreich im Rahmen einer Gebäudezertifizierung umgesetzt. Dabei setzt Lindner auf zukunftsfähige, flexible Systemprodukte und Projektlösungen, welche mit Ressourcenschonung, Qualität und Investitionssicherheit überzeugen: Wir haben uns zu einem der führenden Spezialisten für nachhaltiges Bauen entwickelt – und freuen uns, wenn wir auch Sie in Ihrem Bauvorhaben unterstützen können.

    Lindners Green Building Statement

    Projekte nachhaltig umzusetzen heißt für uns, ökologisch, sozial und ökonomisch verantwortungsvoll zu handeln: Nur so schaffen wir es als Hersteller von Bauprodukten und ausführender Bauspezialist zukunftsfähige Ideen für unsere Kunden zu verwirklichen. In unserem Interesse stehen dabei nicht nur die gesteckten Ziele Ihres Bauvorhabens und die gängigsten Gebäudezertifizierungen, sondern auch:

    • Minimierung des Energie- und Ressourcenverbrauchs sowie Auswirkungen auf Mensch und Natur dank Qualitäts-, Energie- und Umweltmanagement,
    • Vermeidung von Abfällen mithilfe der Umsetzung des Circular Economy-Gedankens in der Projektentwicklung.