Hygiene measures are particularly important in enclosed spaces to prevent pathogens from spreading. When speaking, coughing or sneezing, viruses and bacteria can get into the air and onto surfaces and thus become a danger to health. However, the more people are in a room, the more difficult it is to comply with distance regulations and hygiene measures. Open-plan offices make employees more vulnerable to any virus spread.

The FLEXup OptiSpace provides a remedy: Hygiene measures are already taken into account when planning the space. The spaces are developed during workshops and evaluations as a collaborative effort with the actual users’ participation. The focus here is on a stimulating, efficiency-optimized and fulfilling working environment as well as the economic use of the space.

Lindner's broad product portfolio offers various measures to protect against pathogens in interior rooms: ceiling-high glass or metal absorbers, which close off with ceiling and floor, prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading in the room. Disinfectant-resistant surfaces ensure that surfaces are easy to clean.

In order to keep the distribution of pathogen-bearing aerosol particles indoors as low as possible, Lindner heating and cooling systems primarily work with radiation. 
Continuous air circulation is achieved by channeling fresh air  through displacement ventilation in the hollow floor or suspended ceiling and hygienically discharging the room air directly through  the ceiling or exhaust air grille. 
This efficient system guaranties better health protection in commercial and industrial office spaces.