Luxury with fantastic view

05.04.2018FacadesLindner NewsUnited Kingdom

Right in central London, three impressive towers have been built. With a height of up to 85 metres, they provide generous space for a great variety of apartments and business areas. Lindner Facades Ltd produced and installed the element facade, balustrades, sliding doors as well as various individual work at the entrance and roof areas.

In the district of Albert Embankment, the attractive building complex is located directly on the banks of the River Thames with a stunning view on Westminster Palace and Big Ben. It is called “The Corniche Hampton House“. The towers of different heights accommodate 253 apartments on 15 to 27 floors, of which 85 are suitable for elderly-friendly living. An in-house gym, pool and spa area are available for common use by every resident of these luxury apartments. In the lower floors there are offices, bars, a restaurant and a café.

The distinctive shape stands out from afar. The arched design of the buildings is clearly differentiated from their surroundings, offering fantastic panoramic views from every point of these towers. The curved floor plan challenged Lindner Facades Ltd in a special way. Aluminum profiles, fiber concrete slabs and glass had to be adapted to the curves to create exact transitions.

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