Shiny Oxford Street

15.11.2018ReferencesCeilingsFit-out ProductsLindner NewsReferencesUnited Kingdom

The department store chain John Lewis has upgraded its flagship store in London´s Oxford street with high-gloss ceilings that are mounted above the walkway around the store.

With over 200 million visitors each year, Oxford Street is the busiest shopping street in Europe and the most popular shopping destination in London. A walk of the street´s 1.5 miles in length will take you past over 300 retail stores, including famous department stores like Selfridges and John Lewis. The latter has been opened in 1864, making it the first of the chain´s 52 department stores which are in operation today. The John Lewis Oxford Street offers an excellent assortment of household products and clothing as well as several restaurants in a seven-storey building.

Standing out in terms of architecture on Oxford Street is not an easy task, yet John Lewis has recently made some changes to its exterior in order to achieve exactly that. Lindner Interiors Ltd. was contracted to deliver a custom-made ceiling cladding for exterior pathway around the store. A corrosion-proof hook-on system with a high-gloss surface of the type TOUCHdesign Lunar was chosen for this purpose. It is based on hammered stainless steel, which creates a unique three-dimensional character. The resulting fragmented mirror image of city lights, shop installations, passengers, the pavement and street traffic is an eyecatcher to anyone who passes under it. Though an all-glossy surface was chosen for this project, the system also allows for matted areas and perforations to create unique designs for any application.