Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge


Project: Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge
Building Type: Schools/Educational establishments
Address: JJ Thompson Ave
Zip/City: CB3 0HE Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom
Company Division: Lindner Interiors Ltd
Completion: 2015


Project: Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge

The Maxwell Centre at the University of Cambridge is a centrepiece building created to pioneer revolutionary “blue skies” research and industrial partnership in the physical sciences. The building named after physicist James Clerk Maxwell will offer laboratory and meeting spaces for more than 230 people. Lindner installed a customised LMD-St expanded metal canopy ceiling with a bronze PPC finish.

Companies involved

Client: University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Architecture: BDP Architects, London, United Kingdom


F0 Metal ceiling
LMD-St - Expanded Metal ceilings 500 sqm