Expanded Metal Ceilings

An impressive look for any space.

Expanded metal ceilings have become an indispensable part of modern architecture. Besides important functionalities like tested ball-impact resistance, they offer an almost infinite variety of structures, sizes and design options. Expanded metal is produced using environmentally friendly, resource conserving techniques as the punch and pull process. The light weight of the material, together with its accentuated structured appearance with an open area up to 76 %, opens up many new design opportunities. Backlightings create an impressive look for any room.

  • homogeneous ceiling surface due to concealed substructure
  • many design possibilities thanks to different mesh types, shapes and sizes
  • structured appearance due to special punched shapes and mesh designs
  • wide range of expanded metal meshes up to an open area of 76 %
  • installation of illumination or further fixtures in the ceiling void is possible in case of a high open area
  • ball-impact resistant expanded metal systems are available


Heating and cooling function

Systems with integrated heating and cooling technology available: Heated and Chilled Expanded Metal Ceilings.


Perfectly integrated Lindner lighting solutions are available.

Acoustic inlays

Equipped with acoustic inlays like mineral wool, these systems contribute significantly to sound protection.


Equipped with LMD-Absorber on the rear side, expanded metal ceilings are highly sound-absorbent.