A sustainable eye-catcher: the metal baffle ceiling LMD-L LAOLA

25/08/2022Lindner NewsPress ReleasesCeilingsGreen Building

The Lindner LMD-L LAOLA has been nominated for one of the biggest sustainability awards in Europe – the German Sustainability Award 2022. The baffle ceiling impresses not only with its three-dimensional wave-shaped design, but also with particularly good sustainability values.

The German Sustainability Award 2022

This year, for the 15th time, the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e. V. (German Sustainability Award Foundation) is honoring the top achievements in sustainability. With eight competitions and a total of over 1,200 applicants, the prize is the largest of its kind in Europe and is awarded in the categories "Company", "Design", "Start-ups", "Packaging" and "Local-Heroes". It is therefore all the more gratifying that the individually designable metal baffle ceiling LMD-L LAOLA was nominated in the "Design" category.

A three-dimensional, wave-shaped design ceiling

The Lindner design variant of the baffle ceiling creates a lively design through the alternation of concave and convex radii of the baffles – and is thus guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in the building interior. Freely selectable radii, grids as well as dimensions of the wave-shaped baffles also allow a tailor-made adaptation of the metal ceiling to your ideas. If, in addition, LEDs are added to the intermediate spaces of the ceiling system, the (optionally coloured) light accents reinforce the three-dimensional appearance. The spaces between the baffles also offer sufficient space for further installations.

Cradle to Cradle Certified® metal ceiling

In the sustainability category, the baffle ceiling scores particularly well: Thanks to flexible and intelligent product design and the use of durable materials, the ceiling system can significantly reduce the use of resources and climate impact. The reasons for this can already be seen in the product development, in which reuse and the Cradle to Cradle® principle play an important role. With a service life of more than 50 years, the metal baffle ceiling can also be reused or its components reused in a new room or building with little effort. LAOLA's responsible use of resources and energy is confirmed by the recently achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold award.

We are nominated - and now?

In a few weeks, the nominated products will be presented to the jury, consisting of renowned designers, sustainability experts, representatives from research, art and the agency world as well as companies with an affinity for design, politics, civil society, associations and media representatives. The panel of experts will then deliberate on the finalists, who will have the chance to receive the award on 01.12.2022 at the German Sustainability Day in Düsseldorf. The prize will be presented by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e. V. (German Sustainability Award Foundation) in cooperation with the German federal government, leading municipal associations, business associations, civil society organizations and research institutions.