LMD Metal Ceilings Achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold

18/05/2022Lindner NewsPress ReleasesCeilingsGreen Building

Lindner's NORTEC aurum and LOOP aurum raised floor systems are followed by the LMD metal ceilings: The aurum series of the ceiling systems now also has Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold status.

A Significant Step towards a Circular Economy

The whole world is striving for more sustainability: in the construction industry, the term "circular building" has become particularly popular. In this concept, material cycles are closed and products are kept alive as long as possible. In terms of sustainability, this means less waste of resources, refuse and CO2 emissions ‒ and more climate protection and quality of life. Cradle to Cradle Certified® implements this principle through a globally recognised standard: If products have a C2C Certified® label, they already contribute to a healthy and sustainable future during development and production. Based on the criteria of material health, reusability, climate protection and clean air, water and soil stewardship as well as social fairness, the products are divided into the categories Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Gold certification therefore signals a particularly responsible approach to our environment. LMD metal ceilings aurum received this award for ceiling systems for the first time in the world.

From Silver to Gold

LMD metal ceilings have held a Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver award for some time now. A few small changes had to be made for Gold status: To further improve the ratings in terms of material health, the ingredients of the acoustic tissue were adjusted. In addition, Lindner increased the share of regenerative sources in energy consumption to over 50 %. This applies to all LMD metal ceilings with white powder coating and butt joint, regardless of whether they are post cap ceilings, hook-on ceilings, corridor ceilings, cassette ceilings, baffle ceilings or canopy ceilings.

Highest Demands on Sustainability

In addition to the optimisations mentioned, many other factors confirm the sustainability of LMD metal ceilings: therefore, results far below the limit values were achieved in the emission measurements according to AgBB. In addition, all components are recyclable to a high degree; for example, the mineral wool-free Acustica inlay consists largely of recycled fibres. Besides, the ceiling systems have almost no irreversible connections such as adhesives and can be dismantled without destruction. With regard to production, attention was paid to closed water cycles. More detailed information on the Add.Vantage that the ceiling systems provide for humans and the environment is summarised in the environmental product declarations and self-declarations on the product pages.