Lindner Montage + Service GmbH

Delivering quality service on our construction sites

Lindner Montage + Service GmbH employs in excess of 1,700 trained specialists for the national and international fitting of high-quality Lindner products. Construction sites of all sizes, from small to very large scale, can be executed efficiently thanks to the high degree of specialisation and flexible deployment of staff both in Germany and internationally. To ensure a smooth progress of construction, Lindner Montage + Service starts their work as early as the projects’ planning stages for the assessment of working conditions and development of individual schedules. During installation, foremen and project managers coordinate all works while ensuring flexibility for all situations on site. Lindner Montage + Service is also responsible for the facility and energy management for all company sites of the Lindner Group.

  • Year of foundation: 1999 as Lindner Project GmbH, Berlin, since 2009 Lindner Montage + Service GmbH
  • Number of employees: more than 1.700 employees



From wrench, to electric drill and through to the laser: although fitters‘ tools have changed in the course of technical developments over the decades, their basic task remains one of assembling construction components and modules on site.7 Our fitters are craftsmen, the real value creators on the building site. The installation is the work to be conducted on site, and basically the most relevant part of the contract you have made with the customer. A fitter’s work is similar to that of a skilled worker in production. The remainder of their work is in preparation, administration and management services.
Alongside the large number of our subcontractors‘ and service partners‘ fitters, we have a total of around 1,700 fitters who are permanent Lindner employees at  Lindner Montage + Service GmbH. The construction site team is truly the face of our company, because it is the team that is physically there for the customer.


Lindner Montage + Service Gmbh

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