Renovation and Refurbishment

The high-quality renovation of existing buildings is and will continue to be the central challenge facing the construction industry. When conceiving user-friendly and ecological concepts for the renovation and/or architectural conservation of buildings, one has to reconcile energy optimisation, technology, economy and the preservation of historic buildings.

Renovation strategies

Construction companies firstly have to understand, evaluate and weigh up the ever-changing project requirements and prevailing conditions, always keeping in mind green building principles which include ecology, economics and user-friendliness.

Furthermore, one has to allow for building physics which are in the focus of thermal insulation. On the one hand, defects in the construction need to be corrected, on the other hand, a precise conceptual design and an accurate implementation are essential to avoid damages resulting from the renovation. Another factor to be taken into account is the recently introduced Energy Performance Certificate.

Built heritage

I.e. considerations on how to deal with historic buildings, how to assess their importance in history and how to operate historical monuments.


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