Stadiums and Arenas

The field at heart.

Safety comes first – from theory through to implementation. That is why we won‘t leave anything to chance. Lindner excels in designing interdisciplinary solutions benefiting from hands-on fundamental knowledge as a manufacturer and contractor. We will verify the individual requirements through simulation, prototyping and thorough testing before carrying out the project, using in-house R&D facilities and external institutes.

You will find more information about the variety of products and references for stadiums and arenas at the documents on the right side and at » references.

Range of applications for stadiums and arenas


  • Shops and shopping malls
  • Lounges
  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Locker rooms and gyms
  • Studios and press booths
  • Museums
  • Restaurants and dining rooms


  • Facades
  • Main roofing
  • Fall-protective balustrades
  • Steel & Glass structures
  • Corrosion-protected suspended ceilings and wall cladding
  • Seating

Fire Protection

Based on your specific requirements and on-site assessments, we develop and tailor fire protection concepts for your entire building, assist you in selecting the best systems for it and make sure during production and installation that our fireproof ceilings, partitions, luminaries, doors and raised floors will fit seamlessly and safely.

  • Fireproof ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Luminaries
  • Doors
  • Raised floors

You will find more information about fire protection measurements at » Research and Development.

Acoustics / Noise Control

The acoustic design package includes calculating and regulating room acoustics, building acoustics as well as noise emissions and immissions, based on the wide range of Lindner products, such as acoustically effective absorbers and cladding, sound insulating ceilings and anti-drone coating.

  • Acoustically effective absorbers
  • Acoustically effective cladding
  • Sound insulating ceilings
  • Anti-drone coating

You will find more information about acoustics/noise control at » Research and Development.

Lindner Secure – Bomb Blast Protection

Protection against terrorism and vandalism plays an important role in locations where crowds of people come together. Lindner has developed and successfully tested special wall cladding, suspended ceilings, partitions, raised floors and balustrades for maximum human safety, which prevents the spreading of splinters or parts of the respective product in case of an explosion.

  • Wall cladding
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Raised floors
  • Balustrades

Clearance of Harmful Substances

When renovating your existing building, Lindner will take care of the preliminary challenges as well: applying state-of-the-art technology, we safely and sustainably remove all contaminated material, renew protective coatings, thus creating a healthy environment for all subsequent works on the interior and exterior.

  • Sustainable removing of contaminated material
  • Safe execution of the construction works
  • Protective coatings
  • Creating of a healthy environment

You will find more information about proper measurements at » Clearance of Harmful Substances.