Digital As-Built


Refurbishing, renovating or extending existing buildings has many advantages: those buildings are used more efficiently, land consumption and waste of resources are contained and current or future costs are reduced. Lacking basic documents can lead to a complex and long-lasting planning process which even in worst case faces unpleasant surprises.

In order to obtain a reasonable knowledge base about the condition of the building and the room details in the long term, Lindner offers digital as-built documentation with the latest 3D laser scanning technology.

The analogue construction archive goes digital! The existing environment becomes simple, fast and is sold with the 3D scanner. The possible effects of the point clouds are provided according to the model and various software tools as required, in 2D or 3D (BIM). These data serve as the basis for further planning.

We offer architecture in conjunction with the necessary specialist planning services as a general planner.

Advantages of Lindner’s digital as-built:

  • Measurements + 3D models from one source, applicable with various softwares (Revit, MicroStation etc.)
  • fast and precise measurements of complex objects
  • Digitisation of existing building archives and plans
  • Scan-to-BIM: transfer of as-built data into BIM models
  • Simplified documentation (room book, areas according to DIN 277, determination of rental areas, etc. can be adjusted / recorded during the as-built)
  • Error avoidance during restructuring and renovations planning (e.g. collision check possible in advance)
  • Preparation of hazard prevention plans (e.g. points of attack for the fire brigade, escape and rescue routes)
  • Collection of building information (room numbers and designations, door numbers, door classifications, furniture, etc.)
  • reliable project planning at fixed prices (flat rate or according to m² GFA)


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