Cloison de sépararation en verre

Le plus haut niveau de transparence

Élégantes et économiques, ouvertes mais sans intimité, les cloisons Lindner combinent toute une série d'avantages. Aucun autre matériau ne laisse pénétrer autant de lumière à l'intérieur du bâtiment, garantissant ainsi une atmosphère lumineuse et spacieuse. En outre, la séparation transparente des pièces agit comme un agrandissement optique des espaces. L'acoustique optimale n'est pas un obstacle : Nos cloisons en verre offrent des niveaux élevés d'isolation acoustique et garantissent un environnement calme - idéal pour les bureaux et les salles de conférence, les écoles et les établissements d'enseignement, ainsi que les centres commerciaux et les centres de loisirs.

Les systèmes de cloisons vitrées Lindner sont disponibles en version à montants et en version vitrée sans montants. Elles offrent des avantages différents selon le système choisi : La cloison parfaite pour vous résulte de vos souhaits et des exigences de votre projet - nous vous conseillons volontiers à ce sujet !

  • montage rapide
  • nombreuses possibilités de combinaison
  • bonnes valeurs d'isolation acoustique et de protection contre l'incendie
  • grand choix de surface
  • solutions de projets personnalisées possibles

Produits - (7)

Whether in stud construction or as an all-glass wall – all types of glass partitions are characterised by a high degree of prefabrication and a modular construction principle. This makes the assembly of the glass partitions particularly quick, easy and uncomplicated. Our partitioning systems are suitable for installation area I and II and can be combined with all other Lindner Life and Logic wall systems as well as with various acoustic elements. Matching doors complement the glass partitions and turn them into a seamless complete solution that is both visually and functionally coordinated. On request, you can receive a tested and standard-compliant environmental product declaration for all glazed partition systems: This contains all the important environmental effects of the respective wall. 

Individuality Down to the Last Detail

Depending on the system, the partition walls with glass can also be coated with different surfaces: foils, screen printing, enamel or whatever your heart desires. With our tried and tested process, we guarantee individual designs in exceptionally high quality. For particularly unusual requirements, we manufacture project-specific solutions, whether in other dimensions, with increased sound insulation or fire protection or in special designs. In any case, we support you with in-depth expertise from planning to implementation!

Partition Systems in Post-and-beam Construction

The Lindner Life Stereo 125, Life Contour 126 and Life Freeze 137 are our glass partitions with aluminium frames and front-mounted or flush-mounted glazing. The first two systems are extraordinary in terms of sustainability and have a Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver award. All variants also have excellent fire protection properties and can be executed fall-proof and/or earthquake-proof. The option of integrating blinds allows rooms to be darkened as required. Furthermore, the glass partition systems impress with individual customisation options: For the surface of the glazing frame and the profiles, you can choose between powder coating and anodising. If you are looking for a more striking variant, you can order the partition wall in red, yellow or blue or simply in your favourite colour. Colour contrasts, lettering or darkened elements can also be easily integrated. 

All-glass Partitions

LindnerLife Clear, Life Pure 620, Life Nature and Life Fire impress with maximum transparency thanks to the pillarless and frameless glazing. Glass joints grouted with silicone ensure strikingly calm lines and create a filigree and spacious look. Despite the absence of vertical supporting elements, the glass walls meet high static requirements. Depending on the system, the partition walls are executed single or double glazed and some of them can be realised in a fall-proof and/or earthquake-proof manner. Lindner Life Fire in particular impresses with its excellent fire protection properties. In addition, the Lindner Life Pure 620 and the Lindner Life Clear have Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certification. The surface coating options are also dependent on the system: You can choose between powder coating and anodising for a sleek, modern look, and between wood and real wood veneer for a homely, warm room ambience.


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Nos projets à travers le monde

Autour du monde et de retour à notre patrie d'Arnstorf : Avec nos projets de construction, nous sommes présent presque partout! Qu'il s'agisse d'une nouvelle construction ou d'une rénovation, d'un aménagement intérieur, d'une enveloppe de bâtiment ou d'une isolation - nos références sont un mélange coloré de nouveaux défis et de résultats impressionnants.