Lindner Plus Accessories for wall systems

Integrated blinds, acoustic panels, facade connections – Lindner Plus Accessories fulfil everyday needs of occupants to enhance the comfort and flexibility of your rooms. The programme is available with almost every partition system and opens up manifold functional options.

Every product has been developed with respect to practice, often adapted to specific customer demands, be it organisational equipment, overflow elements or sliding doors. (also see » Lindner Doors)

Lindner Plus Acoustic Panels

Description: Acoustic elements made of metal, timber or fabric are ideal to serve as dividers in open-space offices. Applied in conjunction with the single-glazed Lindner Life 620, bare brickwork or drywall, the acoustic elements are most effective in absorbing oder insulating sound.  
Fire protection: F0  
Sound insulation: Up to Rw = 49 dB integrated in LVT partition systems
Up to Rw = 42 dB in conjunction with Lindner Life 620
Sound absorption: Up to αw = 1.0  

Lindner Plus Blinds

Description: Blinds for Lindner system partitions with different operating mechanisms  
Possibilities: electrical, cranks with handles, cords, rods or chains  

Lindner Plus Installation Units

Description: Patented system with integrated electrical installation and signposting, no installation panels necessary  

Lindner Plus Organisation

Description: Range of organised storage components from shelving and filling systems to whiteboards  
Possibilities: Bracket-mounted shelf system, integrated traverse organisation, bracket-mounted traverse organisation, other accessories  

Lindner Plus Overflow Elements

Description: Acoustic element of galvanised steel plate situated on the inside, which guarantees sound insulation while air is being conducted through the partition  
Possibilities: 3 different types for partition system Lindner Logic 100 timber and metal  
Sound insulation: Up to 54 dB Dn,e,w   

Lindner Plus Facade Connections

Description: Connecting walls and facades with slimline profiles and a wall thickness of 36 - 64 mm  
Fire protection: F30 / F90  
Sound insulation: Up to 53 dB Rw  

Lindner Plus Doors

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