Lindner Cube Room-in-Room System

Lindner Cube. Freestanding. Flexible.

The Room-in-Room system Lindner Cube is a freestanding and autonomous room system, that requires no connection to surrounding structural elements. Thus, this system offers ideal places of retreat with utmost flexibility and freedom of design. Spatial layouts in open-space environments are often the subject of change, where Lindner Cube can meet the demands individually. The system can be moved as whole cube, thus allowing it to adapt to specific circumstances.

Partition. Transparent. Exchangeable.

The basis of Lindner Cube is Lindner´s range of Partition systems. This included various choices: single glazings allow a maximal overall share of glass, resulting in high transparency and a natural incidence of light. Metal or wooden partitions as well as double glazings can be combined freely while also being interchangeable. Depending on the executed system and its parts, sound insulation of up to 56 dB Rw can be achieved. Flush integration of acoustic elements further increases the acoustics within the system.

Ceiling. Optimal Sound Absorption. Illumination.

The ceiling consists of perforated metal ceiling panels. This optimises their sound absorption. At the same time, the panels can be fitted with luminaires or LEDs, creating an additional source of light. The ventilation unit, which runs in Ultra Silent Mode, enables concentrated and undisturbed work.

Door. Manifold Executions. Open or limited.

Lindner integrates swing and sliding doors that are tailored to the Room-in-Room system. The dimensions regarding length, width and height as well as the layout are basicly unlimited. It is possible to construct a room completely closed or with an open side. Lindner Cube creates a place of quiet, discretion and mental productivity in every open-space office, without requiring substantial redevelopment works.

Lindner Cube

Description: Room-in-room system, installed independently from its surroundings and working completely self-sufficient thanks to its flush mount ventilation and lighting equipment  
Fire protection: F0  
Sound insulation: Depending on used wall, door, ceiling systems and other technical features