Raised floor LUMEN

Put your floor in the best light.

Create unique effects with LUMEN glass floors – available in transparent, opaque or coloured glass as well as with underfloor lighting.

LUMEN provides you with exceptional aesthetics and outstanding lighting technology. As support profiles are not required, the visual appearance is maintained. Our glass floors can be combined with all our other systems to create an aesthetic and functional look.

We develop integrated solutions with lights and lighting systems which give your glass floor an impressive effect. With our many years of experience in the area of lighting, we will be more than happy to assist you. Allow us to take care of all your lighting plans and calculations.

Product features:

  • Solid glass panel
  • Three-ply safety glass
  • No reinforcement profiles necessary
  • Different surface designs possible
  • Light-effects possible

LUMEN - Typical areas of use

  • Showrooms
  • Reception areas
  • Premium sale areas
  • Transparent installation cavities

LUMEN - System data

PanelPre-stressed float glasses, optional with slip-resistent screenprint, glass panes with different transmission grades
Load-bearing capacity5 kN
System weight89 kg/m²
Standard finished floor heights 28 mm – 1,450 mm
Panel thickness38 mm
Pedestal spacing600 mm x 600 mm (other pedestal spacings depending on system)

Fire protection

Reaction to fire performance of the panelA2/A1 (non-combustible)


The substructure is an important component of every system floor. The pedestals create the cavity needed to accommodate the services. Lindner metal pedestals can be adjusted to almost any height, therefore compensating for any unevenness in the subfloor.

From design to manufacture, including the galvanisation – we produce our pedestal range entirely in-house. We manufacture highly accurate pedestals for hollow floors. Our many years of experience ensure high load-bearing capacity and excellent durability for all our products.

Lindner systems can be combined with one another in many ways, and supplemented with different reinforcement profiles.

System accessories


The surface can be printed with different decors. An anti-slip value of R 9 is achieved if at least 20 % of the surface is printed. On request an anti-slip screen printing can be applied on the whole surface. Thereby an anti-slip value of up to R 12 can be achieved.


A multicolour layer, e.g. company logo, pictures or similar, can be pressed between the different layers.

Light effects

A light dispersing white foil will be pressed between the different glass layers if the floor shall be illuminated from below and the light shall be equally dispersed.