Raised Floor NORTEC

Ongoing comfort.

The NORTEC raised floor system offers impressive in-built properties and truly state-of-the-art technology. It is the ideal product for almost any field of application.

NORTEC floor panels give superb underfoot comfort. They are manufactured from calcium sulphate (gypsum): a non-combustible material with superlative structural and physical properties. This product also offers outstanding levels of soundproofing. As a manufacturer, we can determine the choice of raw materials used.

The Institute of Building Biology in Rosenheim recommends NORTEC as a biologically-neutral building material. Our gypsum panels are virtually emission-free. Thanks to its strong ecological and technical properties, NORTEC can be processed in a closed loop of manufacture, usage and recycling. Accordingly, and as the first system floor overall, NORTEC has achieved the Cradle to Cradle® Silver Certificate.

NORTEC can be combined with many other systems, offering a great degree of flexibility. There is also a practically limitless choice of floor coverings.

Product features: 

  • Superb underfoot comfort
  • Very high loadability
  • Non-combustible
  • Simple taking-out and changing of single panels
  • Low air leakage rate

NORTEC - Typical areas of use

  • Foyer and reception areas
  • IT control centres
  • Training and research rooms
  • Office and design areas
  • Industrial and workshops

NORTEC - System data

Panel Fibre-reinforced calcium sulphate panel, optionally with galvanised steel sheet at underside, optionally with edge trim to protect against impact and moisture
Load-bearing capacity 2 kN - 5 kN
Resistance to earth ≥ 106 Ω
System weight 37 kg/m²  - 71 kg/m²
Standard finished floor heights 28 mm - 2,000 mm
Panel thickness 16 mm - 44 mm
Pedestal spacing 600 mm x 600 mm (other pedestal base spacings system-dependent)
Suitable floor coverings Elastic coverings / textile coverings / HPL / WOODline / STONEline / loose-laid tiles

Fire protection

Reaction to fire performance of the panel A2/A1 (non-combustible)
Fire resistance performance F 30, REI 30 and F 60, REI 60

Sound protection
(depending on additional measures)

Normalised flanking level difference Dn,f,w 48 dB - 59 dB
Sound reduction index Rw 62 dB
Normalized flanking impact sound pressure level Ln,f,w 73 dB - 47 dB
Reduction in impact sound pressure level ΔLw 12 dB - 36 dB


The substructure is an important component of every system floor. The pedestals create the cavity needed to accommodate the services. Lindner metal pedestals can be adjusted to almost any height, therefore compensating for any uneveness in the subfloor.

From design to manufacture – we produce our pedestal range entirely in-house. We manufacture highly accurate pedestals for raised floors. Our many years of experience ensure high load-bearing capacity and excellent durability for all our products.

Lindner systems can be combined with one another in many ways, and supplemented with different reinforcement profiles.

Reinforcement profiles

Even a standard Lindner floor system offers excellent load-bearing capacity. Should this prove insufficient, the system can be upgraded by reinforcement profiles, adjusted to the specific purpose.

Many options are available, from the lightest stringer which increases lateral rigidity through to a C-profile.

System accessories

  • Electrical outlets
  • Bridging profiles
  • Expansion joints
  • Air ventilation outlets
  • C-profile frames
  • Intermediate floor for cables
  • Facings
  • Cavity barriers

Cradle to Cradle Certified (TM) - Technical Cycle