DeLaMar Theater


Projet: DeLaMar Theater
Forme du bâtiment: Salle de concert/Théâtre/Auditorium/Salon pour des conférences
Adresse: Marnixstraat 404
Code postal/Ville: 1017 PL Amsterdam
Pays: Pays-Bas
Company Division: Lindner SE | International Projects Contracting, Lindner SE | Planchers
Achèvement: 2010


Projet: DeLaMar Theater

The "DeLaMar" Theatre, formerly known as the “Nieuwe de la Mar Theater”, was opened by Queen Beatrix in Amsterdam on 28.11.2010. The new complex consists of the old theater building and two adjoining cinemas . The old theater was closed in 2005 due to serious construction problems. The theater now includes two halls with 601 or respectively 939 seats. Lindner fitted the foyer and the audience hall out with its hollow-floor systems.

Entreprises impliquées

Client: H&R Bouw B.V., Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Architecture: Architectcombination Jo Coenen & Arno Meijs, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas


Planchers creux
FLOOR and more® 1,000 sqm
FLOOR and more® arena 1,800 sqm