EFRE Centre of Technology


Projet: EFRE Centre of Technology
Forme du bâtiment: Local technique
Adresse: Nöthnitzer Straße 66
Code postal/Ville: 01187 Dresden
Pays: Allemagne
Company Division: Lindner SE | Cambres Propres
Achèvement: from 2012 to 2013


Projet: EFRE Centre of Technology

The newly constructed EFRE centre of technology of the Dresden University of Technology features highly specialized testing facilities for Germany´s largest Research institute on electricity connection technology. This building centralizes numerous testing facilities of the University´s internal institutes, whom used to be scattered across the campus.


Lindner Reinraumtechnik GmbH fitted the building´s sophisticated clean room areas with ceiling systems and integrated ventilation components. Lindner floors were also the system of choice for this facility.

Entreprises impliquées

Client: Sächs. Immobilien- und Baumanagement Leipzig I, Leipzig, Allemagne
Architecture: AWB ARCHITEKTEN, Dresden, Allemagne


Clean room ceilings
Crossdata joint ceilings 3,500 sqm
Clean room light fixtures
Panel mounted light fixtures 560 Pcs.
Ventilation components
Filter Fan Unit 204 Pcs.
Clean room floors
Raised floors
Planchers surélevés
NORTEC 2,800 sqm